Gewürztraminer is the best-known variant of the Traminer grape variety. The name Gewürztraminer is derived from the word "spiced" (in German Language "gewürzt"). This refers to the flavour of the wines. On the other hand, it is derived from the place name Tramin in South Tyrol. Although Gewürztraminer enjoys great popularity there, it has since been disproved that it originated there. The exact origin is still uncertain. However, the winegrowers in and around Tramin see it quite differently. Who can blame them?

Wine connoisseurs are already impressed by the appearance of Traminer wines. Whether straw-coloured, golden yellow or copper, Gewürztraminer shines in the glass as white wine and arouses certain expectations in terms of aroma and taste. Anyone who has ever had a Gewürztraminer wine in their glass will recognise it immediately. Its opulence and strength never cease to fascinate.

Gewürztraminer by Wartenberg from 2020 (or Traminer) wines are characterised by beguiling, sometimes even oriental aromas and spices. Rose fragrance, honey and violets with quince, lychee, kumquat, passion fruit and marzipan. Whether dry, off-dry or sweet, the acidity of a Gewürztraminer always remains very subtle and mild. This is why you always think you can taste significantly more sweetness than is actually present in the white wine. Gewürztraminer is and remains an integral part of the established grape varieties and an absolute must for lovers of highly flavoured wines.

2023 Weißburgunder Pawis

2023 Weißer Burgunder Winery Pawis 

This Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) bears witness to the terroir of the Saale and Unstrut rivers. It is soft, fruity and reminiscent of stone fruit. Subtle minerality.

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