Helios variety
Helios leaf

Helios variety

Helios, the name of the sun god in ancient Greece. The grape variety that bears this divine name has nothing to do with Greece, nothing to do with gods apart from the name, at most something to do with the sun. It is a new development from Germany.

A major advantage of the Helios variety - as well as other fungus-resistant varieties - is its resistance to fungi and other pests. It can be grown particularly ecologically without the use of pesticides.

Helios is a white wine variety bred in 1973 by Norbert Becker at the State Viticultural Institute in Freiburg.

The Helios variety is very similar in appearance to the Müller-Thurgau variety. The grapes are medium-sized and loose. The berries are medium-sized and yellow-green in colour when fully ripe. The ripening time lies between Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner.

2023 Weißburgunder Pawis

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